Programs, Projects, and Initiatives

HMC leads and/or supports a wide variety of programs, projects, and initiatives to make the Hamline Midway neighborhood - a more vital, livable, and sustainable urban community.


Allianz Stadium Community Benefits Fund

In support of this goal, the Saint Paul City Council passed Resolution 16-1407 on August 19, 2016, “Committing to Community Benefits at the Snelling-Midway Redevelopment Site”, which included the creation of a task force to propose a community benefits fund. Per the resolution, the task force created includes representatives from the Union Park District Council, Hamline-Midway Coalition, RK Midway, Minnesota United, the City of Saint Paul and other stakeholders.

The task force’s mission is to recommend who will contribute to the fund, how the fund will be governed, and how it will be used to address neighborhood issues arising from the stadium events and operations and future redevelopment at the Snelling-Midway Redevelopment Site, in addition to fostering the ongoing development of new and emerging community leaders.

North Snelling Revitalization Work Group

HMC has convened a work group comprised of residents, city staff, and local business owners to focus efforts on North Snelling Ave (University Avenue to Pierce Butler.) The goals of the work group include:

  • Providing support and resources to current businesses (facade improvement, placemaking, and technical assistance)
  • Identifying vacant businesses and promoting new business on the corridor
  • Highlighting and promoting North Snelling's assets by creating a vision of what North Snelling could be
  • Beautification, public safety, and outreach efforts

Interested in joining? Contact Executive Director Kate Mudge at for more information.

Midway Economic Community

We are an alliance of Midway neighbors, locally owned neighborhood businesses, local government, and other neighborhood groups. We are working to build a supportive community to harness economic vitality, neighborhood upkeep, and job creation and all the other benefits that come from a vibrant neighborhood.

Recycle Smart

Saint Paul is partnering on an educational campaign to help reduce contamination in recycling.  The campaign, Recycle Smart, will include advertising on social media, Metro Transit buses, shelters, and Light Rail cars and stations.  Additional information will be shared using a variety of media outlets.

Learn more at

Recycling Guide Here


Fence Weaving

Pierce Butler Basin

Saint Paul Healthy Transportation for All