Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee addresses transportation issues in the Hamline Midway neighborhood. The committee disseminates information to and gathers feedback from the community on transportation issues; tracks, discusses, and debates transportation-related issues; and provides information and recommendations for action to the Hamline Midway Coalition Board of Directors. Transportation Committee meets on the 1st Monday of each Month in the Hamline Midway Library Auditorium at 6:30pm. 

For more information about HMC's involvement in current and past transportation projects and initiatives or to get involved in transportation happenings contact kate[at]hamlinemidway[dot]org.

Current Projects

  • Snelling/Englewood Intersection
  • ReThinking I94
  • Green Line Transit
  • Pedestrian Plan
  • Parking Issues in the neighborhood
  • North Snelling Revitalization Work Group
  • Fairview Avenue Mill and Overlay

Committee Members

  • John Levin, Chair
  • Steve Mitrione
  • Steve Samuelson
  • Kevin Dahlin 
  • Lindsay Schwantes 
  • Ande Quercus 
  • Erin Parrish 
  • Joe Ward

Meeting Highlights from 2/5/19 Transportation Committee Meeting

Jerry Ratliff from All Aboard MN presented on the work their organization is doing to add a second train between Twin Cities and Chicago

Clayland/Hewitt Traffic Study: map here

  • Requested by residents who live in the area
  • John L mentioned that the role of HMC is to assist in facilitation communication between residents and the city so this is a good project to lead on

Snelling/Englewood update

  • Response from Public Works: “Next steps for this intersection are to review options with MnDOT and to determine a preferred option or options.  In addition we need to review funding availability and any restrictions that might exist with the funding. We have reached out to MnDOT and hope to meet with them soon to discuss.  At this time, I would anticipate we would have more definitive information to share in late February or early March. In regards to decision-making I believe there are two primary factors.  First, we need to identify an improvement or improvements that MnDOT can ultimately approve. Second, we need to determine to what extent a proposed improvement is impacted by available funding.”

2019 Work Plan (link here)Discussed activities/goals/tasks to include which go beyond the general work of committee

Options include:

  • Snelling/Englewood intersection
  • Fairview Ave (Minnehaha to Snelling)- what is the status of this?
  • North Snelling
  • I94 (Joe leading)
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Parking issues
  • Hamline (bike lanes from Minnehaha to Pierce Butler)
  • Friendly Street Initiative support
  • Ask city where projects in Hamline Midway are in terms of priority (mill/overlay schedule)
  • Green line transit

Overview of North Snelling Revitalization Project