Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee addresses transportation issues in the Hamline Midway neighborhood. The committee disseminates information to and gathers feedback from the community on transportation issues; tracks, discusses, and debates transportation-related issues; and provides information and recommendations for action to the Hamline Midway Coalition Board of Directors. Transportation Committee meets on the 1st Monday of each Month in the Hamline Midway Library Auditorium at 6:30pm. 

For more information about HMC's involvement in current and past transportation projects and initiatives or to get involved in transportation happenings contact kate[at]hamlinemidway[dot]org.

Current Projects

  • Snelling/Englewood Intersection
  • ReThinking I94
  • Green Line Transit
  • Pedestrian Plan
  • Parking Issues in the neighborhood
  • North Snelling Revitalization Work Group
  • Fairview Avenue Mill and Overlay

Committee Members

  • John Levin, Chair
  • Steve Mitrione
  • Steve Samuelson
  • Kevin Dahlin 
  • Lindsay Schwantes 
  • Ande Quercus 
  • Erin Parrish 
  • Joe Ward
  • Tracy Lindgren

Meeting Highlights from 4/2/19Transportation Committee Meeting

Elizabeth Stiffler presented information on how traffic projects are prioritized through the city. Snelling/Englewood intersection was discussed (the 2 options include a signal and an Overhead RRFB/Flasher. May host a community forum (including HU and businesses) to discuss intersection and get feedback. Will reach out to Randy at Public Works with feedback.  Discussed Transportation Plan for Allianz. Public comment link here.