Development Committee

The Hamline Midway Development Committee:

1) Develops initiatives to build the local economy and improve infrastructure, amenities, and services in the Hamline Midway neighborhood;
2) Promotes the Hamline Midway neighborhood and community development/local economy initiatives to potential developers, the City of Saint Paul, local agencies, and all other interested parties;
3) Represents Hamline Midway community development/local economy interests to the City of Saint Paul’s departments and agencies as needed;
4) Works with Hamline Midway Coalition staff to review land use applications – for licenses, variances, conditional use permits, re-zonings, etc. – and makes recommendations for action regarding such requests to the Hamline Midway Coalition Board of Directors or directly to the appropriate City body, as appropriate.

For more information on the current work of the HMC Development Committee or to get involved contact Executive Director Kate Mudge at kate[at]hamlinemidway[dot]org


** There will be no Development Committee meeting in June 2019!


Meeting Highlights from 5/9/19:

 Presentations & Reports

  • Alatus Development- Carla Dunham and Chris Osmandsun- Lexington Project (Union Park)
    • 411 Lexington Parkway N - currently owned by Wilder
    • Preliminary discussions at 4/15 meeting with Union Park
    • Presenting development options with moderator at Wilder (6:30p on 5/20)
    • Most likely housing, 1-2 levels of commercial
    • Ideally construction start by the end of the year
    • Alatus has a purchase agreement
    • Parcel is zoned T4 -- 75-foot height limit
    • Still working out what income target to aim for for rentals
    • Shared idea of including truly accessible housing in designs


  • "Zoning Principles & Process" training: May 23rd


  • Opportunity Zones
    • 2017 tax reform act -- areas designated to incentivize investment
    • Tax break for people/corporations to defer taxes on equity gains by investing in real estate
    • Gains from opportunity zone investments are not taxed
  • Dickerman Park- site plan
  • Erik’s Bike Shop
  • Small area plan on next board meeting agenda
  • How does HMC support businesses? Chuck is interested in helping out


Jake Rueter, Chair

Nathan Roisen, Co-Chair

Megan Conley

James Lucken Hills 

Vetnita Anderson

Steve Samuelson 

Renee Spillum 

Don Raliegh

Thom Foss

Tachianna Charpenter

Dan Buck

Chuck Brody