Civic engagement opportunities

Posted on March 16, 2021 - 4:15pm

Get involved in decisions being made in St. Paul! There are a number of meetings, forums, surveys, and other opportunities to make your voice heard coming up this month:

  • Community First Public Safety: Do you have ideas for alternative responses to non-emergency calls that can help keep your community safe? Make your voice heard this Tuesday and Saturday at town hall discussions with the Saint Paul Community-First Public Safety Commission. Next sessions: March 16th and 20th.
  • Capital Improvement Budget: Interested in learning more about how our streets, bridges, libraries, parks, recreation centers, and other public facilities and infrastructure are funded? Want to share your thoughts with the City? Learn more about the projects that different City departments are proposing for the Capital Improvement Budget, which funds the construction and maintenance of City infrastructure. Next sessions: March 18th and 22nd. Learn more
  • Administrative Citations: Should St. Paul use administrative citations to enforce city ordinances? The City wants your input before introducing a Saint Paul Charter amendment. The City is proposing to use administrative citations for policies across multiple departments of the city, including: Human Rights and Equal Economic Opportunity, Department of Safety and Inspections, Office of Financial Empowerment, and Saint Paul Regional Water Service. This would apply to the enforcement of a broad range of ordinances within those departments, from minimum wage, to relocation assistance, to the prohibition of LGBTQIA+ conversion therapy. Next session: March 30th.  Learn more.

For questions regarding the meetings or to share comments, contact Kate Mudge: k