Updating Our Neighborhood Plan

HAMLINE MIDWAY 2020: Many voices, One vision.

What do you want to preserve in the Midway?

What will the Midway look like in the next decade?







The Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan (“Plan”) is a part of the City of St. Paul’s Comprehensive Plan and it directs all aspects of Hamline Midway's Coalition work as the district planning council for this neighborhood.  Our Plan also informs all decisions the City makes about development and activities in our neighborhood. You can review the current plan, approved by the St. Paul City Council in 2010, to see what was recommended after an extensive community input process.

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Neighborhood Plan FAQs

What is a neighborhood plan?

  • A Neighborhood Plan is a living document created by and for the neighborhood that is submitted to the city. The goal of a neighborhood plan is to express the values and concerns of the collective neighborhood. The plan will guide the city and our neighborhood through future decisions about development, transportation, environment, and other important issues in the coming years. Each neighborhood plan acts as an addendum to the city-wide plan. Our Hamline Midway plan will be an addendum to the St. Paul 2040 Comprehensive Plan. 

When did the Hamline Midway neighborhood last create a plan? And where can I find it? 

  • The last Hamline Midway plan was submitted to the city in 2010. It can be found on the Hamline Midway Coalition (HMC) website HERE as well as the city-wide neighborhood plan page

What did the 2010 plan highlight? 

The 2010 plan envisioned  the “Hamline Midway as a diverse, lively, well-designed urban neighborhood that respects its history while embracing the best of city life. This vision includes high quality residential housing of various types and densities, aesthetically appealing mixed use development, bustling transit-oriented commercial corridors, vibrant parks, gardens, and public open spaces, and a range of amenities including schools, churches, and shops” (2010 plan). Objectives and strategies included: 

  • Encouraging pedestrian-scale development.

  • Promoting ‘green’ or sustainable design in new development. 

  • Creating safe routes to schools, parks, and libraries. 

  • Supporting and promoting maintenance of healthy urban forest on both private and public property. 

  • Encouraging the maintenance and improvement of existing housing stock.

Who drafts the Neighborhood Plan? 

  • Neighborhood councils or coalitions are typically tasked with facilitating the creation/draft process, though the content is curated from community engagement and input.  For the 2020-3020 plan, HMC has created a Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee, with 3 subcommittees: Communications & Engagement, Plan Design/Format & Creation, Process & Data Management 

Who contributes to the creation of the plan? 

  • The goal of the neighborhood plan is to have as many different voices contribute to the plan. Residents, business owners, and organizations in Hamline Midway imagine the future we want to create and inhabit. Everyone is encouraged to lend their voice to the plan.  The neighborhood planning committee is committed to a process where everyone has an equal say and a plan that improves equity in our community.

What are the goals of the Neighborhood Plan? 

  • This Neighborhood Plan guides the decisions we make during the next decade about land use, development, housing, parks, improvements, and transportation. We ask questions such as "what do we want to preserve and protect in the Midway? What will the Midway look like in the next decade and how will we shape our community? How can we build community resilience to be better ‘prepared’ for the unknown? "
  • How does the Neighborhood Plan benefit the community?

The Neighborhood Plan will create a touchstone vision for the Hamline Midway neighborhood. Our goals and policies will inform zoning decisions, guide public and private investment, and create a stronger neighborhood for residents, businesses, and organizations. Having a plan and vision for the future also has the potential to better prepare our community for the unknown. 



Our Plan needs to be updated and revised every 10 years.  HMC has convened a steering committee to bring the neighborhood together to review and update our 2010 Plan. We'll be convening community meetings, providing surveys, and "out and about" in community over the next 8 months to ensure YOUR voice and opinion is captured!

The best way to stay informed is to visit Engage Midway- an interactive discussion where you can share you concerns and join in on what other neighbors are thinking about too!

For more information or questions, contact .