Real Estate Investment Cooperative

Learn how neighbors can pool their money to make transformative real estate investments that benefit member-owners and the community.

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 Roundtable Discussion

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Hamline Midway Coalition is exploring the opportunity for community members to come together and invest in commercial real estate. Our goal in doing this work is to capture the energy and resources of neighbors to work together to make real change, as well as to prevent negative outcomes for local businesses and properties in our community. Join us for an opportunity to hear from local experts about community ownership of real estate, what is a Real Estate Investment Cooperatives- REIC, and how you can get involved in this initiative.


Leslie Watson, Governance, Start-up Strategist, Columinate, Founding organizer of the North East Investment Cooperative

D'Angelos Svenkeson, Founder and CEO, NEOO Partners, INC

Renee Spillum, Hamline Midway resident and Seward Redesign

Moderator - Marcq Sung, Community Reinvestment Fund

Additional Information:

This is the first in a series of 2020 engagement opportunities to explore the feasibility of a Real Estate Investment Cooperative in the Hamline Midway neighborhood. The next step will be a survey to understand the interest in memberships and the goals/values that drive individual interest in being involved. Hamline Midway Coalition is providing learning opportunities and community engagement for this idea, which would ultimately be a separate cooperatively owned entity, with each member having a vote in its governance.


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North East Investment Cooperative

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