Hamline Elementary Fall Festival 2019

Posted on August 22, 2019 - 11:29am

When: October 5, 2019,  Noon - 4:00 pm

Location: Hamline Elementary, 1599 Englewood Ave, St. Paul, MN, 55104

The 2019 Hamline Elementary Fall Festival is a one day, outdoor community festival which will take place on Saturday, October 5, 2019 from Noon to 4:00pm at Hamline Elementary, 1599 Englewood Ave Ave., St. Paul, MN. For more information about event activities, visit www.hamlinemidway.org/fallfestival or contact Pete McCauley with Hamline Elementary PTA, 651-558-6290, HamlineElementaryPTA[at]gmail[dot]com.

Become a Sponsor

Exhibitor and Vendor Booth Space 

Regular exhibitor/vendor spaces are rented out in 10’x10’ squares. Food/beverage vendor spaces are rented per vending unit.  Hamline Elementary PTA will determine booth locations. Hancock Recreation will provide one 30”x8’ table and two chairs. Individual vendors/exhibitors are responsible for supplying a tent, if one is desired, and any additional furniture or amenities. If you furnish your own tent, it must be weighted-down, NOT staked. There will not be electricity on site for general exhibitor use.

Become a Exhibitor or Vendor

Payment can be made through PAYPAL HERE or sending a check to Hamline Elementary PTA at 1599 Englewood Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104.


Hamline Elementary PTA reserves the right to terminate the use of booth space at the festival if your conduct does not follow festival guidelines, is a nuisance, and/or interferes with the safe operation of the festival. 

       Limitation to Stated Activities. You must limit your activities at the Festival to those you state on your application, which must pertain to your organization/business. You must also limit the conduct of these activities to your booth space(s). Sales or distribution of anything done by walking through the Festival grounds is not permitted without prior written consent. Resource Fair exhibitors may promote your business/organization by handing out promotional materials, collecting contact information, and holding door prize drawings. Direct sales are not permitted, unless prior approval has been given by Hamline Elementary PTA  and proper permits/licenses have been obtained by the vendor and verified by Hamline Elementary PTA prior to the event.

●    Mascots and Costume Limitations. Exhibitors and vendors are not allowed to wear a mascot or costumes unless given prior written consent by the Hamline Elementary PTA.  If a person shows up in a costume the day of the event and does not have consent, he/she will be asked to change or leave the event.

      Booth Staffing. You are required to have your booth(s) set up and staffed on Saturday, October 7 from 12:00PM to 4:30PM. You are responsible for securing your booth and its contents. Hamline Elementary PTA is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

●    Booth Sharing. You may not share your booth space(s) to/with another business or organization without prior consent from Hamline Elementary PTA.

      Cleanliness. Hamline Elementary PTA expects booth holders to keep their areas tidy and to handle materials in accordance with Zero Waste guidelines (see below). This includes sorting trash, recycling, and composting as much as possible. Hamline Elementary PTA  reserves the right to charge any exhibitor or vendor a cleaning fee should they leave their space(s) in a condition that requires additional cleaning. This fee is not included in the original booth fee.

Planning for Zero Waste

Hamline Elementary PTA aims to make the 2017 Fall Festival a zero-waste event. When planning for your booth, please keep our zero-waste goals in mind. The guidelines below can help, and more specific information is available in an attached document.

1. Rethink and Reduce – only bring what is needed at the event and rethink what you are planning on bringing to aim to make it reusable, recyclable, or compostable (in that order).

2. Reuse – design any event materials (outreach or other) to be reusable 

3. Recycle – recycling containers will be available to use onsite. We will be able to recycle the following materials onsite: Paper and cardboard, plastic bottles with a #1 or #2, glass bottles and jars, milk cartons and juice boxes, aluminum cans, foil, and trays, and tin cans.

4. Compost – containers to collect compost will be onsite. We will be able to compost any food (including meat and dairy), non recyclable paper (such as paper plates, napkins, and cups), and biodegradable plastics that are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPIworld.org)


Electricity is not available for general Resource Fair vendors and exhibitors.


It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary permits and/or licenses (i.e. Minnesota Health Permit, Minnesota Sales Tax, etc.). All approved food/beverage vendors must submit a copy of their Minnesota Health Permit to Festival Management before the event. All vendors must submit ST-19 forms to Hamline Elementary PTA before vending.

Product Duplication and Exclusivity

Hamline Elementary PTA reserves the right to determine the number of businesses or organizations that exhibit or vend similar products or services at the Festival.

Food and Beverage Sales 

Potential food vendors must contact the Festival Management prior to submitting an application. Food sales will be sold for cash. 

Vehicles and Parking

Hamline Elementary PTA does not have a parking section for vendors/exhibitors. Vehicles can be parked on the city streets surrounding the Rec Center and fields. No vehicles are allowed on the grass. The driveway and paved areas near the building must remain clear for emergency vehicle access. Therefore, no vehicles will be allowed in the parking lot on the South Side of the building or the driveway leading to it other than to drop off and pick up materials as approved by festival management. 


No refunds will be issued after application acceptance.

No Assumption of Endorsement of Affiliation

Acceptance as an exhibitor or vendor by Hamline Elementary PTA  does not imply endorsement or affiliation with the organization and/or individual. The view expressed by exhibitors and vendors are not necessarily those of Hamline Elementary PTA, its community partners or its corporate sponsors.

Hamline Elementary PTA  wishes to be as inclusive as possible in all of its events. Please contact us with any issues that might prevent your group from fully participating in the Festival.

For further information please contact:
Pete McCauley
Hamline Elementary PTA

 Email: HamlineElementaryPTA[at]gmail[dot]com