Community Groups

Historic Hamline Village 

Historic Hamline Village works to promote neighborhood pride by advocating for the preservation of historic properties in Hamline Midway, an area once known as "Hamline Village."

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Hamline University Neighborhood Advisory Committee 

The Hamline University Neighborhood Advisory Committee has been established to improve and enhance communication and relationships between Hamline University and the Hamline Midway community; to establish an ongoing process for the Hamline Midway community and Hamline University to work together on matters of mutual interest and to strengthen community partnerships; to provide Hamline University with an opportunity to engage with the community on University matters that directly impact the local neighborhood and community; and to advise the City of St. Paul on University projects and plans that require the involvement of the City and that directly impact the local community.

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Friends of Horton Park

Friends of Horton Park is a small volunteer gardening group that maintains the native plant community gardens in Horton Park (at Hamline and Minnehaha Avenues) in collaboration with the Friends School of Minnesota and the City of St. Paul Parks and Recreation Department. Activities include creating, planting, and maintaining the gardens, creating interpretive garden signs, and hosting occasional community events.  Read more about Horton Park here.

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Or call Hannah - 651-644-6790

Friends of Hamline Park

The Friends of Hamline Park is a neighborhood group of volunteers who meet monthly to ensure that the park remains vibrant, inviting, clean, and safe. The group first formed approximately 8 years ago and was brought to life again in 2013 with its current core group of new residents. They are continuing the mission to enhance the beauty and vibrancy of Hamline Park for all who use and enjoy the space by creating a clean, welcoming, entertaining, and safe environment. In 2014, the group hosted a slate of well-attended events to engage the people, young and old, who enjoy and make use of this wonderful public park. The events included live music from the wonderful local band Xibaba and a puppet show from Open Eye Figure Theatre. 

If you are interested in helping to be a part of the litter pick-up rotation or would like to get involved in any future events, please contact Jonathan Oppenheimer (

Midway Green Spirit Community Garden

Midway Green Spirit Community Garden, at Taylor and Hamline Avenues, founded and run by volunteers, is a place for people to garden together, build community, and beautify our neighborhood. Individual gardeners tend their own plots, raising vegetables and flowers for their own use. A portion of the garden, called the Community Circle, is set aside to raise food for donation to local food shelves. Gardeners are expected to contribute one hour per week in various jobs to help run the garden. Plots are available on a first-come, first-served basis to Saint Paul residents. Returning gardeners are given preference.

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 Tatum Park Community Garden

Tatum Park Community Garden, located on Taylor Avenue between Fairview and Prior, was founded in 2013.  Run by volunteers, it is a place where local residents grow their own food and gather together to enjoy what the earth has to offer.  A unique feature of the garden is that is rotated each year so that natural rejuvenation and rest can work to keep pests and disease away, naturally.  Members are looking forward to planting perennials, building a nice fence to keep the critters at bay, and working to create a space to enjoy what was previously a vacant lot.  We welcome new members to join.  Please contact for more information.

Hamline-Thomas Community Garden

The Hamline-Thomas Community Garden is located on the north-east corner of Hamline Avenue and Thomas Avenue intersection. Volunteers generally meet in early spring to plan for the upcoming growing season and then have a planting day in late May or early June. Neighbors take pride in this garden and often weed the garden while walking by. Plants have been generously donated by neighborhood residents, Hamline University, and Minnesota Green. The garden was started in 2007 when residents worked with business owners and the city council to improve the intersection. The Hamline-Thomas Community Garden, on the property of the convenience store Super USA, was reclaimed from asphalt. Photos are available here.

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 Hamline Midway Elders

Hamline Midway Elders (HME) provides volunteer and professional assistance to enable elders in the neighborhood to remain in their homes with independence, dignity and choice. HME provides coordination of volunteer support, professional referral services, health services and special events.

Second Tuesday luncheons for seniors are held each month at 11:30am at the Hamline Methodist Church, 1514 Englewood Avenue. Contact HME for details on the guest speaker, make reservations or request free transportation.

Volunteer opportunities are available for people of all ages. Provide friendly visits, transportation, seasonal chore assistance, shopping, medical advocacy, office assistance and special events assistance. To volunteer, contact Monica, Volunteer Coordinator, at or 651-209-6542.

For more information, see or contact Tom, Program Director at or 651-209-6542.

Hamline Midway Elders

Hamline Midway Environmental Group

The Hamline Midway Environmental Group (HMEG) aims to create and nurture a healthy and sustainable environment in the Hamline Midway community through projects, public awareness and education, community member involvement, and collaboration with partner groups and organizations.

Projects have included rain barrel workshops, a holiday light recycling program, community gardening, community tree distribution, transportation improvements, waste reduction, movie nights, rain gardens, and coordination and upkeep of the plantings along Snelling Avenue.

Website: Hamline Midway Environmental Group Blog
Contact Name: Steph Hankerson
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Hamline Midway Neighbors for Peace

Hamline Midway Neighbors for Peace (HMNFP) is a cooperative group of individuals, partners, and families dedicated to building peace, hope and community in the Hamline Midway neighborhood. We celebrate our diversity, share our talents, and nurture our potentials as we strive for a peaceful, healthy environement, and the rights for all. HMNFP is a member of the Minnesota Neighbors for Peace (MNFP) organization, and though the affiliate and support the international focus of MNFP, their focus is more local. HMNFP is committed to creating a peaceful community in our own neighborhood, to honoring all our neighbors, and to raising the next generation of peacemakers.

Hamline Midway Neighbors for Peace meets the third Sunday of every month, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm for a potluck dinner. Activities include monthly email newsletters, and other various activities around the Hamline Midway neighborhood and Saint Paul. All activities emphasize making our neighborhood a safer place to live, in all senses of the term, and to do so for all our neighbors.

Email or call us to get on the newsletter list.

Midway-Frogtown Exchange: Barter/Trade/Sell/Give-Away

A local collective of more than 2,000 members in the Hamline Midway and Frogtown neighborhoods who make a point of reusing, repurposing and otherwise keeping unneeded items out of the trash heap. What is clutter to you, might just be what your frugally and environmentally minded neighbor is looking for! Barter/Trade/Sell/Give-Away. Most all transactions and posting take place on the Facebook page. If you are in the neighborhood, join and get to bartering/trading/selling/Giving-Away.

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Hamline-Midway Barter Market

A collection of friends, neighbors and community that come together on most Sundays from 1-3 on the boulevard in front of 1724 Englewood to trade/barter just about everything. Residents interested in trading their surplus produce, clothing, etc. for treasures can come to the barter market, held about every week on Sunday afternoons at 1724 Englewood. Email Kathy to get on the event announcement list.

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 Como-Midway La Leche Group

The Como-Midway La Leche Group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm. Mothers, mothers-to-be, babies and toddlers are invited to attend. La Leche League provides breastfeeding information through mother-to-mother support. A lending library on a variety of topics is available.



MOMS Club (Moms Offering Moms Support ®) is an international organization that provides support to mothers who have chosen to stay home to raise their children, including those who work part-time. This chapter offers a variety of outings and activities every weekday, including trips to the zoo, local parks and playgrounds, rec. centers, story times, playgroups, a monthly meeting/playgroup, babysitting coops, book club, holiday parties and a monthly mom's night out.