National Crime Prevention Month

Posted on October 11, 2017 - 4:23pm

October is National Crime Prevention Month


10 Ways to Build Your Community


1.    Know Your Neighbors- Make it a point to know the neighbors on each side of you and in the front and rear of your home.

2.    Clean-up Litter on your block

3.    Sit on Your Porch

4.    Plant a Boulevard Garden

5.    Host a National Night Out

6.    Hold Potlucks or Socials

7.    Complete a Paint the Pavement Project

8.    Hold a Game Night

9.    Walk Your Community

10. Start a Neighborhoow Watch (Block Club)




Organize a One-Time Litter Clean up

Anyone can participate in cleanup efforts! Organize your family, community group, employee group, school or religious institution to clean up an area of Saint Paul. The Come Clean! Program provides gloves and plastic bags to collect trash and recycling. You may request an area to clean or ask the City to help find an area for you.

The following are requirements for organizing a litter cleanup: 

  • Maintain a reliable group of volunteers to follow through with litter cleanup commitments for the date and location(s) agreed upon.
  • Remove the trash and litter from the designated area as needed.
  • Use the designated supply of plastic bags in order to keep the surrounding area clear of litter and other refuse. 
  • You may choose to collect recyclable materials (metal, glass or plastic bottles and cans) separately.  
  • Depending on the number of bags collected, the participant may dispose of full bags of garbage and/or recyclables in their own container(s).
  • If disposal in your own container is prohibitive, you may request a pick-up of materials.  

Apply to Organize a Litter Cleanup 


Nieghborhood and Home Safety

The best way to keep your community and home safe is to organize a Neighborhood Watch (block club) in your area.   Neighborhood Watch is easy to get started and maintain.  To get started you need to host a 1st time meeting.  At that meeting our crime prevention coordinator will conduct a crime prevention 101 presentation for the community.  Then you just need to gather one more time that year.  National Night Out counts toward the 1 additional meeting.  From then on each group just needs to meet twice per year and again National Night Out counts as one of those meetings.  The benefits to Neighborhood Watch:


·         Deters criminal activity.

·         Creates a greater sense of security and reduces fear of crime.

·         Builds bonds with neighbors. People look out for one another and this stimulates neighborhood awareness.

·         Reduces the risk of becoming a crime victim and in turn reduces the physical, financial and psychological costs of crime.

·         Instructs residents on how to observe and report suspicious activities in your community.

·         Offers continued education and resource contact for victims of crime.

·         Addresses quality of life issues and mutual interests in your community.

                                                       ·         Builds a Partnership with the St. Paul Police.


Have the Saint Paul Police complete a premise survey

A premise survey is conducted by an individual who has been trained to provide you recommendations on improving the safety of your home using information from Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and Target Hardening.  The service is free and you just need to request a survey. Once completed you will be given a list of recommendations.  You are not required to make the improvements but you then have the option of knowing how to make your home safer.   Many of the recommendations are not cost prohibative such changing out the length of your screw on the strike plate.  The surveyor does not have to go through your whole home.  They will look at entry doors and examples of each kind of window you have in the home.  They will also walk the exterior of the property.   To sign up call 651-266-5485.



Personal Safety


Personal Safety is about using common sense techniques that advocate preventive measures…not physical resistence. 

 The 3 Rules to avoid victimization are:

 1.    Stay Alert

    a.    Be aware of your surroundings and the situation you are in

2.    Avoid Risky Situation 

    a.    Don’t be a hero.

3.    Trust Your Instincts

   a.    If it does not feel right…avoid it.


Prepare a Plan for Shopping

Develop a plan for your holiday shopping.  Think about the following:


What time are you shopping? (At night; is it a well lit area?)

Where are you going to park?

Are you shopping alone or with other people? If alone make sure someone knows where you are.

Plan for spending (Are you using cash or credit). Don’t keep cash in cards in your purse or wallet?

Can you secure gifts where they are not visible if you are traveling to more than one location?


Plan well to avoid giving someone the opportunity to make you a victim.



Halloween Fun

We want you and your family to have a fun and safe halloween.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


·         Younger children should always be with an adult

·         Older children should always be in a group

·         Use flashlights, glow sticks or reflective tape to be easily seen in the dark

·         Do not go to dark or unlit houses

·         Cross the street at crosswalks

·         Pay attention when crossing drive aways

·         Costumes and shoes should fit to avoid trips and falls

·         Review your child’s candy before they eat it

·         Eat only factory wrapped items

·         Dress for the weather


Instead of going out door to door attend an organized event!  Many recreation centers are hosting events:  There are also trunk or treat events being held throughout the community; check with local churches or community organizations.