A Hamline Midway Miracle: Stolen Wedding Necklace, Cat Make their Way Home Thanks to Vigilant Community Members

Posted on September 11, 2015 - 4:36pm

When community works together, we can make our own miracles. That’s what Hamline Midway resident Renee Spillum feels happened when her stolen jewelry box containing a sentimental wedding necklace serendipitously made its way back to her this week.
The jewelry box and necklace, which was custom made for Spillum as a wedding gift by a local artist known as Brittany (http://www.brittanyjewelry.com), were taken from her house during a burglary last Friday, which also led to the escape of her pet cat. Thanks to the vigilance of the Hamline Midway community, of which Spillum is an active member, the cat was first to find it’s way back home via communications on the neighborhood Facebook page.
Recognizing the thieves probably had little use for an adoring cat, unlike the contents of her jewelry box, Spillum sadly accepted the loss of her cherished wedding necklace. That made it all the more surprising when she got a message from her neighbor across the street saying someone had found a jewelry box and had posted about it on the neighborhood Facebook page.
Only a half-hour before, Kathy Sundberg, owner of Ginkgo Coffee House and Hamline Midway resident, had posted that she found a jewelry box wrapped in a blanket in her back alley. The box was in rough shape, but there was still some jewelry left in it, and she wanted to attempt to get it back to it’s rightful owner in case any of the pieces had value—sentimental or otherwise. Less than one hour later, the box and jewelry were back in Spillum’s possession, and to her surprise and delight, the wedding necklace was still inside.
The reunion of both the cat and necklace with their owner were celebrated with sincerity and affection for the community that made it possible in the comments of the Facebook posts.

“When a break in happens, it can be easy to think negative things about your neighborhood, but my experience was the opposite. I feel safer and more a part of a healthy community in Hamline Midway than ever,” Spillum said.