"Saint Paul Hello" Call for Ambassadors

Posted on September 11, 2015 - 3:47pm

Are you a friendly, welcoming person? Do you want to make a connection with the newest members of the Saint Paul community? Saint Paul Hello is happy to announce Minnesota Nice Breakers - a series of co-hosted activities and events where trained welcoming ambassadors actively facilitate interaction among attendees—ensuring that people truly meet other people and leave events with a deeper connection to community and friendship.

Visit www.stphello.com to learn more.


Saint Paul Hello is looking for 10-20 friendly individuals to join the Nice Breaker Ambassador team!

What do you have to do to be a Nice Breaker Ambassador?

Ambassadors must attend on two hour training on either September 28 or October 1 from 6:30-8:30pm in Saint Paul. During this training, you will receive your Ambassador toolkit, t-shirt, and sign up for event dates.

During or after the training, ambassadors will sign up to attend 1-2 events before the end of the calendar year. Ambassadors will be assigned to different event in pairs and will be responsible for meeting attendees and help the break the “nice”!

Each Ambassador will attend events for free and receive a $50 stipend for each event.

Interested in signing-up? Please complete the form here: (http://goo.gl/forms/RPgMBGPt6G) by September 22nd and a member of the STPHello team will be in touch with more details.

Want more information? Feel free to contact Saint Paul Hello at info@stphello.com or call 952-486-0533.

Who are we:

Saint Paul Hello welcomes and connects newcomers to the city of Saint Paul and the state of Minnesota through the initiatives Nice Breakers and Welcome Hat. Starting this October, Saint Paul Hello will hold a monthly Welcome Hat public event at the Minnesota Historical Society introducing newcomers to cultural and community resources and co-host a series of Nice Breaker events in partnership with many different organizations around Saint Paul.  

Why is it important to connect?

We all know Minnesota is great! However, according to our state census, our retention number for keeping smart minds in Minnesota isn’t as great as we would like it to be. We want the first introduction to Saint Paul to be memorable and positive. Through our ongoing events that cater to new residents, recent immigrants, and those who feel disconnected, our goal is to help all newcomers feel truly connected to our city, and in turn, stick around!


Saint Paul Hello is a collaborative made up of Jun-Li Wang, curious incident, Pollen, Saint Paul Chamber of Commerce, Hamline Midway Coalition, Greater MSP and the Minnesota Historical Society, with generous support from the John L. and James S. Knight Foundation.