2016 HMC Board of Director Elections

Posted on September 28, 2016 - 3:42pm

Hamline Midway Coalition will host an Annual Meeting and Open House 6:00 - 8:00pm on Tuesday, December 13 at Hamline University East Hall 106 The Annual Meeting will feature food, beverages, a report on HMC activities, and board elections. Visit www. hamlinemidway.org/annualmeeting for full agenda. 

Voting Information

Anyone age 16 or older that resides within, owns property within, or owns a business that is headquartered and principally operates within Hamline Midway is eligible to run AND vote in the board election. If you’re interested in working with an informed and engaged group of neighbors, please consider running for the board. 

There are three seats up for election in 2016, one in each of the three neighborhood sub districts (A, B, and C). Sub-district A covers the area from Transfer Rd. to Snelling Ave. Sub-district B spans the area from Snelling Ave to Hamline Ave. Sub-district C covers Hamline Ave. to Lexington Ave. Candidates can run for a seat in the sub-district in which they live, own property or own a business which is headquartered there.

Candidate Bios

Subdistrict A (Transfer Rd to Snelling Ave.)

Steve Samuelson

Steve Samuelson has served on the HMC board since 2008 and has served as its Board President since 2015. Steve is a firm believer in the benefits the district council system has brought to Saint Paul. He feels this is both and exciting and challenging time for HMC and wants to continue to help.  Samuelson has many years of experience in nonprofit work and board service, having served on several other boards as well as HMC since 1996.

  Laura Seuss

 When Laura Seuss moved back to Saint this fall, she knew she wanted to be involved in the community on a local level and to have a more active role in issues that impact her neighbors as well as her own family. Laura has volunteer experience working with Big Brother Big Sister, advising on antitrust matters with women in the metallurgical field, serving meals to economically disadvantaged people, and visiting disabled adults in a group home.

 Laura has a legal background, having received a law degree from William Mitchell College of Law. She is excited to have the opportunity to serve on the Board and to be active in the community.

 Quinn Doheny

 Quinn Doheny is interested in serving on the HMC Board to work directly on community issues. He believes HMC is ready to transition itself as an organization and wants to be a part of that process. Quinn believes he can bring a fresh perspective to the group, a set of skills to help the group grow, and a sense of humor!

 Quinn has experience in community organizing and regional government from serving the Ramsey County Capital Improvement Program as part of the Citizens' Advisory Committee representing District 4. He also has a great deal of experience working within non-profits, supporting boards, and with outreach/communications.

 Quinn loves the Hamline Midway neighborhood and sees this as an opportunity to become more involved.

 Subdistrict B (Snelling Ave. to Hamline Ave.)

Andrew Norman

Andrew Norman has served on the HMC Board of Directors since 2010. Andrew is invested in the community and feels that the board is a great opportunity to influence the direction of the neighborhood as it grows and changes as it moves into the future. Andrew has a background in financial management, legal management, and previous board experience with non-profits. Andrew thinks it an exciting time to be involved with HMC as it redefines its role in the community.

 Andrew Norman is running unopposed.

 Subdistrict C (Hamline Ave. to Lexington Ave.)

 Nate Blumenshine

Nate Blumenshine thinks it is important to be involved in the community that you are living in. Nate and his partner recently bought a house in the neighborhood last year and plan on being here for quite some time. Nate feels he brings a future oriented perspective to the board. He has a lot of energy, patience, ideas, willingness to learn and hope for the future.

In addition to his current work on the HMC Board, Nate has also served on the board of an organization in Minneapolis addressing homelessness and acclimating recent immigrants. And on the Kingfield Neighborhood Association’s board in his previous home in Southeast Minneapolis. He has experience in various types of community organizing, youth development, outdoor education, and construction. Nate also brings investment management and foreign language skills to the board, specifically being fluent in Spanish.

He is excited to continue to contribute his skills and experiences to all that is happening in Hamline-Midway and meet even more of his neighbors.

Erin Pavlica

Although this is Erin Pavlica’s first time running for the board, she has been a contributing member of many groups within Hamline Midway for 16 years, both with HMC and other grass roots efforts. As HMC begins its planning for the future, she wants to be a part of this discussion and decision-making. She is the mother of 4 children from age 11 down to 2 so as she said, “Multi-tasking is my middle name.”

Erin brings her experience as a founding member (and treasurer) of Midway Greenspirit Community Garden; organizing block parties, alley clean ups and snow-plowing collections; organizing around the Charles Ave bikeway; and as the Zero-Waste Coordinator with Friendly Streets Initiative. Additionally, she has worked as a community liaison with the police around problem properties and businesses over the years and regularly attends the monthly police community meeting at the Western District Station. Erin has board and committee service experience with the Energy Cents Coalition, the HMEG (Hamline Midway Environment Group) The Community Building Committee (now dissolved) and the current Hamline Midway Environment Committee.

Erin would like to bring the voices of the community along with her voice to the table and perhaps propel the board forward to be more action-orientated. She also feels the Hamline Midway Spring Festival and Heartwood Festivals are much needed community building events that she feels should be brought back.

Linda Jackson

Linda Jackson has lived in the Hamline Midway neighborhood 23 years and has watched it become one of the most vibrant and diversity communities in Minnesota, illustrating what she says, “is about the power of collective action. “

Linda has leadership experience in both business and government, currently, as the Director of Journal Production for the Minnesota State Senate, and as the Call Center Supervisor for The Research Edge (Market Research Company).  She is also working towards her degree in Organizational Management and Community Development at Metropolitan State University (expected 2017). She also brings strong communication and event planning skills, volunteering in various events such as the 5K Breast Cancer Walk.  


Linda wants to serve on the board to help build meaningful interpersonal relationships and to work with community members with like concerns. She has a passion for doing community work and wants to be its voice.